Ray Ross Bass extends a limited lifetime warranty for all instruments for the original purchaser.

Any warranty work to be done will be at the sole discretion of Ray Ross Bass.  I am a very fair and brutally honest man who will have little sympathy for you if you leave your bass in a 170 degree hatchback all day in an Arizona parking lot.  I will warranty however, any workmanship defects as they pertain to the guitar completely.  Not included in this warranty would be obvious things like, but not limited to damages incurred by:  normal fret board wear, scratches from your very own huge belt buckle, dropping the guitar from a plane, train or automobile, using as a canoe paddle, or bludgeoning zombies in any way.


I make every attempt to prevent unreasonable pricing.  I am constantly making new basses and as a result, usually have extra.  These basses end up in the gallery and are the fastest way to buy a bass from Ray Ross.  Each one is made to the exact standards I would make a custom instrument for anyone else.  This is what you can expect from me on every instrument as standard issue:

Nordstrand Pickups.

Ray Ross patented bridge.

GOTOH tuners.

Brass Nut.

Great wood.

Headstock veneers coordinated with body materials.

Glued in or "set neck" neck attachment.  (See "methods").

Always scarf jointed headstocks.  (See "methods").

Three control; two volume, one tone electronic circuit.  (Less is more, see "methods").

Hard case.

Full custom instruments start at $3,000.00 and the final price reflects the level of customization.

Custom instruments will require 50% deposit paid in the form of a check.  When the check clears your project is introduced into rotation and can in some cases be completed in as little as 90 days.  Upon completion, you have 30 days to forward the balance due for your bass.  Upon receipt of the full amount your bass will then be shipped to you.

Deposits are non refundable.

Shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

I prefer to not ship a bass in a soft "gig bag" an instrument like this deserves a case.  Every bass has its own hard shell case.

Prices like everything else, are subject to change.