Bass No. 7

Welcome to the next 100 years!   This is obviously not a bass.  It is indeed the bridge.  Anyone who knows about my basses knows that I love, love, love a neck back angle in my basses.  In order to accomodate this in my own instruments, I had to create a bridge.  This took several years, and when it was complete I had a new bridge that would only work on my basses.  This was signifcant because in the process of creation I removed a piece of the bridge that was until now believed to be a necessity.  The saddle.  For thousands of years we all assumed it was necessary to have one.  Only through the act of creation did I discover that not only was it un-necessary, it was an absolute hinderence to what the instrument wanted to do naturally- sing!.  This is big, real big. I just didn't realize that because I was just trying to make my bass, not change the world.

  Once I realized what was happening, I went back to the drawing board. After another year, and a patent, this is what materialized.  This is the worlds only saddleless AND universal bass guitar bridge.

That's right.  This bridge will not only apply to my bass but any bass.  Fender, E.S.P., Gibson, all of them can realize a saddle less sound with just a screwdriver!  This is meaningful on a number of levels.  Not everyone can afford to buy one of my basses.  A bridge provides just that, a bridge to a better instrument for the player.  The reason I started building in the first place.  There are numerous bridge upgrades on the market, most of them are just a shinier version of what they already have.  If asked the player will say "Yeah, I think it does sound better".  Most tone interpretation is subjective so I will tread carefully, and be considerate of other's choices here, but what I will say is all those bridges do effectively the same thing, they don't really CHANGE anything.  These bridges effectively incorporate the same principles we have used for millenia.

  What about something different? What about some good old fashioned "outside the box" thinking?  Is there any point? or have we already reached the mountaintop of musicality and there is no place left to go?  If you really believe there is no place left to go, then you are probably driving a locomotive to work right?  There is always room for better, we just have to be disinclined to rest on our laurels, and find it!

  This bridge won't make you play like Mr. Wooten overnight. No, I am afraid you will still have to practice.  What it will do is put you and your bass in the front of the mix and allow you to be heard like never before.  The clarity and punch are completely undeniable.  In blind taste tests, a child will be able to hear which bridge is mine, 100% of the time.  A bold claim to be sure, however, while still in development, some college math was applied to this project and I can say with complete certainty that there is 5 times more downforce on your instrument with this bridge than any other in the history of the world. Ever.  Cool Huh?

  So now you are saying "where do I get my super awesome bridge that has never happened before?"  Well,  I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with AP International to distribute my bridge worldwide.  These things do take time, and have been in the works for over a year.  The Ray Ross bridge officially goes on sale January 2018 at the winter NAMM show in Anneheim California and no one is as excited as me.  We are still waiting for final price breakdowns but my bridge will be competetive with most other aftermarket bridges.  They will also be available in 4,5,6,7,8, string versions in a variety of finishes.

      Your bass, My bridge, You're welcome.  Play hard

                               Aaron Ross

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