Bass No. 24

  I had to do it.  I couldn't help myself.  I indeed have an instrument problem.  Just to satisfy my curiosity, I had to explore whatever secrets of the universe acoustic instruments have to offer.  Oh man, did I find some!

  This guitar actually took a couple of years to finish.  As one might expect, acoustic instruments are a completely different animal.  Delicate parts, "boards" that are about a millimeter thick, all make for a really tedious project, but the rewards are unspeakable!

 This guitar is made entirely from Padauk, an African hardwood.  With the exception of a Spanish cedar top and bracing material within.  Padauk is a very hard, quite porous wood that has become one of my favorite species.  It is cost effective and there is plenty to go around.  Also a rosewood fretboard.

25.5" scale

The result is an amazingly bright and crisp tone, full of harmonics and natural volume. I really had no idea an acoustic guitar could sound this good!  I will indeed be making more of these, and will also add this to the video list.

  As always, made entirely from scratch.  except the tuners and bridgepins!

  Yes, the rosette was entirely handmade also.. Boy, that took a long time.

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