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Welcome to Ray Ross Bass.  What started this adventure was a desire to make my own instrument.  What followed changed my life.  This site is to serve first and foremost as a gallery of my work, but second as a sort of homage to originality.  I truly think the world has had enough of generic design, and if the bass guitar is to be my one contribution to the world, then it will indeed be different.

The process of designing a bass guitar is not easily explained, but rather must be experienced.  I can say that it requires much thought, is a time consuming exercise and involves much trial, error, and patience.  This, I believe, is the reason that many basses look alike, and many players sound alike.  It is just plain easier to create something that has already been done.  If you are a player who is looking for your own original sound, might I suggest you start with an original bass!

Every bass guitar I make is a one of a kind art piece that will never be made again, just like the people who play them.  My guitars are proprietary and completely made from scratch in America, by one American and his two hands.  Every bass I make is a professional grade, heirloom quality instrument suitable for any player, anywhere.

I welcome the opportunity to show you what original means, in feel, in balance and playability.  I also welcome you to a place where you, the bass player don't have to struggle to be heard, not anymore.

Feel free to email me with any questions and in the meantime, enjoy the gallery.

Aaron Ross, Ray Ross Bass

Very few things in the universe can be made with your own two hands, which in turn have their own voice and will sing for you if asked nicely...  Remember to ask nicely!